How To Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids

If you have been going through this site, you should know that anyone can have hemorrhoids. It can occur to anyone irrespective of age or gender. So if you are already suffering from it. And you have a bad case of bleeding hemorrhoids. What do you do?

How do you stop bleeding? It is not something where in you can put in a dressing like a wound. You have to do certain things. Here are some of them.

  1. Lie down or ease out the blood pressure/flow. – When you are sitting for long hours, you have all the pressure on your hips which in turn makes your hemorrhoids more prone to bleeding. You have to ease yourself out. Lie down.
  2. Avoid diet which increases your blood pressure – Diets and beverages such as hot coffee or anything high in salts which help in blood flow should be avoided.
  3. Clean the area. – Try and clean the anal area gently so that there is no scope of infection. Do not use any hard wipes. You can also use sitz bath for this.
  4. Apply some soothing cream – You can always apply some cream to soothe the skin around your anal area.
  5. Wear clothes which allow your skin to breathe – Wearing tight underwears or something which does nt lets your skin breathe inside and helps in keeping it dry should be avoided.
  6. Drink lots of water – Try and have as much water as possible. Keeping your body hydrated always helps.
  7. Avoid constipation – constipation is one of the root causes of hemorrhoids. When you are already bleeding constipation should be avoided.

These were some of the very simple ways by which you can get some help with your bleeding. Now you may also feel the need to visit the doctor. That should also address the problem to some extent but then you should know the real reasons behind the cause and work on them.