How To Shrink Hemorrhoids Naturally

Suffering from hemorrhoids can be a really bad situation to be in. In fact, it can be so bad that you just cannot concentrate on anything else with all the discomfort, itching, pain and bleeding. But the truth is that you should know how to shrink hemorrhoids in a natural way. You can take care of this problem to a major extent and sometimes get rid of it completely by following a combination of relief remedies, lifestyle and diet changes and simple treatments. Although this whole site is dedicated to this problem, some of the effective treatments are discussed as under.

First thing which you have to acknowledge here is to admit that you have a problem it will take some of your time and effort to get it solved and that will also be a good relief from the problem. You will have to learn how to shrink hemorrhoids fast. First step is always to get an immediate relief from itching and pain.

When you shrink them naturally it also helps in preventing recurrence and further flare ups.

Sitz Bath – First of all you can start with sitz bath for hemorrhoids. This will help you get immediate relief from pain and swelling. Sitz baths can have a different effect with hot and cold water. You can use some additives to make your bath more effective.

Warm water bath is also effective for this. If you have a lot of swelling, ice or ice packs can be used on the perineum. This is very simple and effective way to keep swelling in check and you can do it several times a day.

Maintain Good Hygiene – Make sure you keep the area clean, dry and moisturized. This is important.

Natural Supplements – Having natural supplements for hemorrhoids can also help you to a good extent. These supplements are natural and they help in maintaining good colon health. If you want to shink you hemorrhoids naturally, you need to cure the problem internally. That is where these supplements come in.

Some people do opt for treatments like applications or even surgery. The truth is that they may give you a temporary relief but they don’t really cure the problem internally. You need to get to the cause and work on it for a more permanent cure.

These are some of the best natural supplements you can use –

  1. Venapro
  2. Hemclear
  3. Avatrol

Diet Changes – Diet is perhaps the most important part of the equation and a lot of people just neglect it completely. What we eat has a major impact on our health and that also includes colon health. Simple diet changes can help a long way in shrinking of hemorrhoids. Make sure you cut down on processed foods, artificial flavors and excess sugars. Cutting down on all these things will also improve you over all health. Then add some fiber rich diet like raw foods, fruits, veggies and whole grains. Also stay away from carbonated drinks and have plenty of fresh water. This will help to avoid tight stools and constipation which is number one reason for hemorrhoids.