3 Proven Ways To Reduce Hemorrhoids Itching

Hemorrhoids itching can be really bad. When you are into that situation, you can not concentrate on anything else, be it your work or anything that you may be doing. So what can you do to get a relief from it.

There are some simple things which you can follow to get rid of that itching.

  1. Maintain Good hygiene – This may sound simple but it is an important part of it. You need to keep the area as clean as possible. Avoid using harsh soaps which dry out the skin. Your tissues should neither be too dry and nor too creamy and moist. Just keep them supple and clean and a major part of your itch should be taken care of.Now that may also mean that you have to wash and dry out the area twice or thrice a day. Well you should, depending on your situation. Always be gentle with the towel don’t rub it hard. You can also air dry the area if possible. Sitz baths are also helpful in maintaining hygiene and keeping your skin healthy.
  1. Bowel movements – You have to make sure that they are effortless. You could try applying some Vaseline in your anus. You could use wet wipes instead of the dry ones so that your skin is not left irritated. You can also use bidet for washing instead of wiping. The idea is to have a smooth experience.You can also use stool softeners available in the market to loosen up stool. A good fibrous diet also helps a lot.
  1. Use natural products like Avatrol or Venapro. These are well proven products which are easily available and you can just start using them along with your other methods.

Remember that the more holistic approach you have the better it is for you. You should try a combination of things to tackle your problem as quickly as you can.